Seth Godin on Leadersnip vs Management

“You think you’re being a leader, but you’re probably being a manager.”

I’ve written before about the differences between leadership and management. And, being a bit of a Seth Godin fan, I do like when he addresses the same topic. He has a slightly different take on the subject than I do, but that’s okay. He is, after all, Seth Godin.

But, he echoes my sentiments regarding the servant aspect of leadership. He suggests judging yourself as a leader on whether or not you helped someone achieve something today. All too often, leaders judge themselves on how far they’ve gone, not whether those following them are any better off.

It’s worth 7 minutes of your life to watch this. Seriously.

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One Response to Seth Godin on Leadersnip vs Management

  1. Patrice Buck says:

    Here’s why: somewhere, something needs you to lead it. Yes, YOU. You may not know this already, or perhaps you do; but Godin’s suggesting that we each have a choice to step up into our leadership.

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