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Seth Godin on Leadersnip vs Management

“You think you’re being a leader, but you’re probably being a manager.” I’ve written before about the differences between leadership and management. And, being a bit of a Seth Godin fan, I do like when he addresses the same topic. … Continue reading

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Servant Leadership

What I’ve been talking about in several of my recent posts is what is known as Servant Leadership, a term coined in 1970 by Robert K. Greenleaf in an essay called The Servant as Leader. In that essay he contrasted … Continue reading

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Leadership as gift-giving

In Chapter 15 of our book The Gospel Uncensored, Ken Blue and I discuss the reciprocal nature of leadership, and how many, if not most, church leadership structures are inherently abusive. The principles apply not only to churches, but across … Continue reading

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The Secret of True Leadership

Ask not what your country can do for you— ask what you can do for your country. Most of us recognize the above quote as coming from John F. Kennedy’s January 20, 1961 inaugural address (or at least coming from … Continue reading

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Managers: Don’t create unnecessary conflict

Managers have a rather distinctive ability in an organization to create conflict. While everyone has that potential—and we’ve all known co-workers who seem particularly gifted in this regard—managers are uniquely situated to cause as much conflict as possible. Therefore, it … Continue reading

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